Starting School at Take Kārara

Enrolling Your Child

If you are within the Take Kārara school zone, you can enrol your child via the school website. Details of the school zone can also be found there. At this stage, there will be no out of zone places available for 2020.

Transition to School

For students starting at the beginning of the school year in 2020

For all New Entrant children and other children who will be starting at Take Kārara at the beginning of the school year, we will be running “Connection” sessions with parents and whānau during the week before school starts. These sessions will be advertised on our Website and on our Facebook page. We look forward to meeting with you at these sessions.

For New Entrants starting during 2020

Information about transition, and what this will look like for our New Entrant children who will be starting at Take Kārara during 2020, will be developed by the Junior Teaching Team in Term 4, 2019. This information will be made available as soon as possible on our website under the heading Navigating Pathways for our New Entrant Children.

Our Teaching and Learning Spaces

We want your child to feel safe, and to have a sense of belonging. Your child will be with one key teacher. This teacher will be responsible for a group of children – as they would be in a traditional classroom, and will provide the support and care expected of any classroom teacher. They will focus on the learning and on the social and behavioural needs of your child.

Where our learning spaces are a little different is the layout and design of the building and the spaces within them. While the teacher and their class work together in one space, there will also be other teachers working with their classes in spaces nearby. These new buildings are designed in a way to minimise noise and where the walls and breakout rooms are placed, they provide quiet zones and more intimate areas for children to be working in with their classroom teacher. However, it also provides opportunities for children to collaborate and connect with other children and teachers in the learning space through interactive activities.

Any questions, concerns or wonderings you have about your child should always be addressed to your child’s key teacher.

We welcome parents and whānau into our learning spaces to see what the learning and the learning environment looks like for your child.
Please refer to our website for further details in regards to the key features of our learning spaces.

Whānau Groups (across the whole school)

All children are part of a whānau group. These whānau groups will include children from all levels of the school. Siblings will be placed in the same whānau group. New Entrant children are assigned a big buddy from their whānau group whom they will meet during their pre-entry visits. Their big buddy helps them settle into school life. They meet them in their class and offer support in the playground.

Transport to School

Transport provisions are being worked through by the Ministry of Education. Transport will be provided for those students who meet the eligibility criteria. Exact routes are yet to be determined.

Further Information

Please refer to our Parent and Whānau Information Book for further information.


Information about our school and what is happening for your child will be available on our website or Facebook page.

We are really looking forward to connecting with you. If you have any questions please get in touch.